French Press

Overnight Cold Brew


Cold Brewing is the savior for a morning quick fix. You just need to plunge, serve and go. Here we tell how how to make this overnight extraction.


Have this in hand:


French Press (1-2 cups size)

28 grams of coffee beans (or fresh grounds)

300 of filtered water

Plastic wrap or foil

Large glass or pitcher 12oz+ Glassware


Purified water

Burr Grinder (if possible)

Fresh Whole Beans (Freshly grounded is ok)




Grind and drop the coffee: Grind the 25 grams of coffee to a medium coarse ground.Place the french press on a scale, add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed and zero the scale.


Mix coffee grounds and water:  Pour your 300 grams of water starting in the center. Work your way out and then back to the center, in concentric circles saturating any dark spots of coffee on the surface. Stir several times with a spoon


Infuse 12 hours: Cover the pitcher with plastic wrap or foil, and let infuse for 12 hours. (You can cover it with the top but the plunger must be up.) 


Plunge and strain: Remove the cover, place the lid on the French press and slowly press the plunger all the way down. Pour the cold brew concentrate into your glassware or pitcher.


Serve: To serve, dilute 1 part cold brew with 1 part water or milk. Fill up with ice and drink!