Tres Milagros, Costa Rica

Filtrado Brewing Guide

Have this in hand:

Filtering Method (Kalita 185)

Filters (disposable)

Carafe or +10oz Coffee Mug


Purified water

Kettle (with temp. control if possible)

Burr Grinder (if possible)

Fresh Whole Beans (Freshly grounded is ok)



20g of coffee - 280g of Water at 196f  during 2:30 minutes

Step #1: Put a filter in the Kalita Wave, and place on top of a server or mug.

Step #2: Fill pouring kettle with hot water (196f) and rinse filter until you feel heat on the outside of the cone and discard water.

Step #3: Grind your coffee (20 grams).

Step #4: Place the Kalita Wave with server on a scale. Add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, zero the scale.

Step #5: Start timer and your pour at the same time.



Split pouring into four separate pours of water in 15 seconds, and allowing to drain for 15 seconds in between each pour.

Start each pour in the center. Work your way out and then back to the center, in concentric circles, saturating any dark spots of coffee on the surface.

Coffee should finish draining around 2:30. Remove the Kalita Wave. Serve.


Pours Breakdown:

#1 Pour - 40g of water, swirl the kalita, and wait till timer reach 30 seconds

#2 Pour - 90g of water (scale should reflect 130), and wait till timer reach 1:00 minute 

#3 Pour - 80g of water (scale should reflect 210), and wait till timer reach 1:30m

#4 Pour - 70g of water (scale should reflect 280), and wait till timer reach 2:30m