Yauco Puerto Rico
Yauco Puerto Rico

Yauco Puerto Rico

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A collaboration with Forgotten Forest, carefully roasted by us!

Source: Domenico Celli, Forgotten Forest PR


Process: Washed, Carbonic Maceration

Variety: Fronton, Caturra & Limani 

Notes: Grapefruit, Nectarine and Nuts

Description: While Florals and hints of citrus are perceived in the aroma, notes of grapefruit, nectarine and nuts are experienced in the taste. The low acidity and accentuated sweetness are a perfect balance in this unique local harvest

To honor the work of approximately 25 small-holders who came together and

agreed to pick ripe coffee for the remaining two months of the season, Forgotten Forest chose a modified version of a “natural carbonic maceration” washed process, to highlight distinct tropical fruit acidity and crisp aftertaste.

Designed for the need of those clients that demand higher standards on quality and complexity. Bringing more clean, bright and crisp acidity. With an accentuated sweetness, creamy body and long aftertaste

*ROASTED TO ORDER to ensure the freshness of our products. All coffee orders will be shipped in a time period of 3 to 5 labor days.